20272 Zuani
GPS : 42.272222,9.346944

Zuani is located at 702 metres above sea level and is part of the ancient parish of Serra in Upper Corsica. It is a territory surrounded by medium-sized mountains and it is an excellent starting point for many excursions.
This village is very green and wooded, with a vegetation that changes according to altitude: on the heights there are chestnut trees, holm oaks and white oaks. On the other hand, downstream, the vegetation is made up of juniper, strawberry tree, lentisk, Italian buckthorn, heather, laurel, myrtle and boxwood.

This village is part of a natural area of ecological, faunal and floristic interest: Châtaigneraies et bois des versants sud et ouest du massif du San Petrone. Zuani is part of the regional natural park of Corsica.

In this village, you can visit the parish church of the Annunciation (17th century), which contains several historical monuments: two paintings (Our Lady of the Rosary with Saint Dominic and Saint Catherine of Siena and Our Lady and Child with Saint Roch and Saint Anthony), a sculptural group (A Saint in adoration at the feet of the Virgin) and the entrance door.
If you love walking, you can see the seven fountains of the village and many fortified dwellings, but many of them are in poor condition. To the southwest of Zuani, at an altitude of 899 metres, you will run into the ruins of a castle.

Zuani is located at 30 km from Corte, at 41 km from Aléria and at 87 km from Bastia. This village is crossed by the D116 road.