20112 Zoza
GPS : 41.718611, 9.070556

Zoza is located at 305 metres above sea level and is part of the ancient parish of Tallano, in the natural region of Alta Rocca. It is a village surrounded by medium-sized mountains, which receives a limited amount of sunlight during the winter. The originality of this village comes from its location: Zoza is completely surrounded by hills and mountains. If you like hiking and tranquillity, you should visit this village.
The main watercourses in this village are the Rizzanese – which rises 955 metres above sea level – and the Scopamène – which rises 1585 metres above sea level.

An old square tower still dominates this village and bears witness to the strategic importance that Zoza had in the past: in fact, this village was an outpost from which the inhabitants could watch the coast and could prepare themselves for fight against invaders.

Art lovers can visit parish church of St Margaret (19th century), which is in excellent condition and which has a bell tower built in 1868 by master mason Jean della Giacoma. The church contains several works of artistic and cultural interest such as the sculptural group of St John Bosco with a young orphan and the painting Apparition of the Virgin and of Child Jesus to St Margaret and St Cyril.
At Pointe du Castellu, you will find a large cave which, according to various legends, allows to reach the Rizzanese valley.

Zoza is located at 24 km from Sartène, at 51 km from Porto-Vecchio and at 91 km from Ajaccio. This village is crossed by the D20 road