20214 Zilia
GPS : 42.530649, 8.900255

The village of Zilia, with its 286 inhabitants as of 2017, is served by the D 151 road. Via this road, the nearest towns are Montegrosso at 2.2 Km and Calenzana at 6.5 Km. Zilia is located at an average altitude of 400 m in the Canton of Calenzana, at the foot of  the Monte Grosso massif.

This charming village is built on a rocky peak in the heart of an olive and almond tree grove, with a magnificent view of the green valley of the Fiume Seccu, which is a small coastal river.

Zilia is known for its wines  obtained from traditional Corsican grape varieties, especially those  growing in the Alzipratu estate, but also for its beneficial mineral water source, exploited since 1995. Located at 80 meters deep on the side of the mountain, the town is surrounded by a thick and luxuriant vegetation. Zilia's mineral water is the main highlight of the village. 

Zilia water bottles in flat or sparkling versions are sold throughout the island.