Zia Rò

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Montemaggiore, A piazzetta
20214 Montegrosso
GPS : 42.534872,8.873682

Zia Rò is a small shop located in the village of Montemaggiore.

Many crafts are offered with the slogan:
Fattu in Corsica.
To a large selection of potteries, jewels and postcards will get involved the sharpness of dishes conceived with hazelnuts, olives, citrus fruits or sweet chestnuts, without forgetting the smell of the traditional "charcuterie" and the cheese of character.

To discover:
⦁ Chestnut jam
⦁ Cream of candied chestnuts
⦁ Nuciola
⦁ Cuciole
⦁ honey AOC
⦁ AOC olive oil
⦁ wine
⦁ Syrup old
⦁ delicatessen
⦁ pottery
⦁ jewelry