Yves Leccia
Lieu dit Morta Piana
20232 Poggio d`Oletta

Area of the estate: Not specified
Viticulture: Organic
Vinification: Organic
The wines of the estate come from vines located on the unique terroirs of Partinelone and d'E Croce. Planted on slopes facing south-west, they draw on a clay-limestone soil with a schist base at the foot of the mountain range characterizing the Cap Corse. They thus benefit from a microclimate created by the maritime influence of the Gulf of St Florent, very conducive to good maturity and disease prevention. Following the traditional methods, the vines are cultivated, plowed and uncovered so as the force the roots to dive into the soil and get the best out of it. The harvest is manual, the grapes are sorted and only the healthy and ripe bunches are picked. This plot, like the rest of the estate, is currently being converted to organic farming.
Presentation of the wines:
True benchmark of the Patrimonio appellation, the estate's wines are "vins de garde" (wines to keep). They have a strong identity, revealed by the meticulous work of a Corsican winegrower who for over 30 years has devoted himself to his vines and his cellar to reveal the most accurate expression of this terroir. Yves Leccia has 2 very distinct ranges:
The YL range is Yves Leccia's signature range. Available in red, white, and rosé, it bears the imprint of the Partinelone terroir associated with the winemaker's unique touch, to offer precise and gourmet wines. This range is only made up of IGP Ile de Beauté.
The AOC range was born from the selection of our finest vines located on the unique terroir of d'E Croce. Available in red, white, rosé for the AOC Patrimonio and soft white for the AOC Muscat du Cap Corse, every collection of the vintage bears the imprint of its terroir: freshness and minerality which associated with the winegrower's touch give rise to precise and smooth wines.