Village de Grosseto-Prugna

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20128 Village de Grosseto-Prugna
GPS : 41.870335,8.963627

It's a municipality of 2600 inhabitants located at 1161 m above sea level. You can't understand Porticcio without comprehending its living soul in Grosseto-Prugna. Therefore, must visit this village located 33 km from Ajaccio, accessible by the National Road that takes us to the Far South to Bonifacio. From its past, the village kept its hamlets which all have a history: Prugna, Vignale, and Grosseto. Prugna is the historic heart of the area, with its Casa Forte and its Torra, dating back to the 16th century, the hamlet, untouched by the road, has preserved all its original beauty. Just like Vignale, which has preserved its old houses despite the outrage of time and deserves a deviation. Today, 300 people live in Grosseto year-round: it has a school with 2 classes, shops, and activities for young and old alike. Do not forget to make a detour to see the church, which was completely restored. It is no exaggeration to say that our country churches, even the most humble, the poorest and the most destitute, are beautiful, and their beauty manifests itself not by obeying the norms and canons of certain conceptions, but rather reflecting Plato's formula: "the splendor of truth".