Village de Figari

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20114 Figari
GPS : 41.488221,9.129844

The municipality of Figari, with its 1500 inhabitants, is located about 15 km north of Bonifacio, near the Cagna mountain, whose summit rises to 1371m. This village is made up of numerous hamlets scattered across the plain of Freto, the chief town of which is Tivarello. The other villages are Poggiale, Ogliastrello, Tarrabucceta and Talza.

Figari's subsistence consists mainly of its airport, built in 1975, as well as the cultivation of cork oak, tourism and the production of mountain cheeses, cold meats, and typical wines (protected designation of origin).

The surrounding hamlets and villages are the starting point for the paths that lead to the mountains, towards the Montilati chapel, the coves of Figari, the Tonnara beach, the tip of Ventilegne, golf courses, the Genoese tower overlooking the bay, and many more...  The Bruzzi trails on the Umo di Cagna (1,217 m) or the 70m-high Piscia di Gallu waterfall are a good example. The Bay of Figari, and its 800 hectares and 8 km of protected coastline, whose unspoiled coastline without any type of constructions offers visitors magnificent views. The village of Pianottoli-Caldarello, with its troglodyte granite houses and its uncrowded beach, is another good example. Here nature is untamed and the crystal-clear water irresistible.