Village de Conca

Access map

20135 Conca
GPS : 41.734909,9.335084

Conca is a village of 1100 inhabitants at the bottom of a valley and surrounded by a mountainous architecture.

It is located 20 km north of Porto-Vecchio and 5 km from Sainte-Lucie where the main shops are located. It overlooks the seaside resorts and beaches of Favona and Tarco.

In the heart of the village there are almost no small shops, but it is nevertheless very lively during the summer season thanks to its location at the southern end of the famous long-distance hiking trail GR20. This trail crosses Corsica for almost 120 km, from Calenzana via Vizzavona, Monte Incudine and the Aiguilles de Bavella. It is certainly one of the hardest and most beautiful trails in France.

There are several trails in the surrounding area for short hikes, including one leading to the natural pools of the U Cavu river.