à 40 mns au sud-est de Corte
20242 Vezzani
GPS : 42.175907, 9.246396

The municipality of Vezzani is located north-east of the Renoso massif, in the old Castello territory. It is a municipality of approximately 312 inhabitants (as of 2014) covering an area of 46.32 km2; its territory occupies the upper Tagnone valley.

This mountain town, characterized by the presence of wood and vegetation thanks to its precious Rospa-Sorba forest, is located at 765 meters above sea level. The main rivers that cross the town are the Tavignano, the Tagnone and the Agnone stream. The natural heritage of Vezzani is the main asset of the village. The exploitation of wood in Vezzani has long contributed to the wealth of the town. Corsican pine seeds were collected for export for reforestation purposes.

In Vezzani, each year the festival of wood, forest, and maquis takes place. In the local tongue, it is called the "Festa di u Legnu è di a Furesta". It allows you to discover the wood trades through various activities and lumberjack competitions. This large mountain village was also formerly known for its exploitation of pine cones and pine nuts.

Vezzani is a popular tourist town that charms for its landscapes and for its architectural heritage with its Parish Church of the Annunciation, founded in 1666, its Chapel of Our Lady of Grace, which was restored in the late 1990s, and its Three Grace fountain made of cast iron, built in the second half of the 19th century.