Vallée du Tavignano

Access map

20250 Corte
GPS : 42.298231,9.104190

Near the city of Corte, Tavignano Valley welcomes not only hikers but also swimmers. At Corte, it is recommended to leave your car near the citadel, near the Bartho campground under the trees lining the Tavignano. By crossing the bridge on foot, and walking by the citadel, it is possible to reach the hiking trail that leads to Lake Nino or the Sega Refuge. This route allows you to enjoy a nice walk about three quarters of an hour long, but you should beware of the steep trail. This short hike provides access to a large basin, where it is possible to dive up to 12 meters deep. Back in the bed of the river, a waterfall awaits you.

Several factors need to be taken into consideration. For instance the hike is on a very sunny trail and it is thus recommended to leave early. Similarly, the diving areas are left in their natural state and require a lot of vigilance.


Gorges du Tavignano

20250 Corte