Vallée du Taravo

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villes principales :
Sainte-Marie Siché
GPS : 41.719609,8.835658

A veritable valley of green, the Taravo Valley has for a long time lived to the rhythm of the harvests, grape harvests and chestnut picking.
Rich in historical sites and other curiosities, the Taravo Valley is a very lively region: Crafts, restaurants, hotels, rivers and small picturesque villages to discover, but also various walking trails, since the region is the starting point of 2 well-known trails: the Mare a Mare Sud and the Mare e Monti Sud.
Throughout the valley there are thermal springs: hot waters of Baracci baths frequented since antiquity, the Roman basin of Caldane, the waters of Guitera and Tacana.
⦁ Climbing
⦁ River fishing
⦁ Horse riding
⦁ Excursions
The community of Taravo municipalities is currently creating a circuit of pedestrian trails and treks to discover the 8 municipalities, about 150 km long
⦁ Zigliara / Forciolo: 1km 700
⦁ Finite Croce: 2 km 500
⦁ Moca / St Eustache: 4 km
⦁ Moca / Piscia di Onda 1km 300
⦁ St Eustatius / Col de la Vacchia: 1 km
⦁ Petreto / St Eustache: 4 km 800