20229 Valle-d'Orezza
GPS : 42.368611,9.398611

Valle-d'Orezza is situated at an altitude of 585 metres and is part of the ancient parish of Orezza in the region of Castagniccia. Today it is part of the micro-region of Orezza-Suttana with Monacia, Parata, Piazzole and Rapaggio.
This village – known for its wood craftsmanship and particularly for its handmade pipes – is made up of six hamlets:  Gaetana, Palazze, Piedi Pietro, Poggie, Poggio and Tràmica. Valle-d'Orezza is part of the regional natural park of Corsica.

It is an excellent starting point for many family walks in the shade of ancient chestnut trees. For example, from Tràmica you can run into A Funtana Maiò, which is a very imposing covered fountain-washhouse which is located in the central hamlet of Tràmica between the gardens, after the last houses.

In this village there is a church and seven chapels... you can spend a pleasant day visiting all these buildings. You can start by visiting the parish church of St Mary, which has been classified historical monument since 1976. This church contains several religious objects of great historical and artistic interest, such as an ostensory offered by the Emperor Napoleon III. You should visit at least the chapel of St George (9th century), which is characterised by the play of colours of the stones with which it is built. This chapel has been classified historical monument since 1976.
In addition, each hamlet has some houses built in the traditional way: shale stones, slate roofs and chestnut frames.

Valle-d'Orezza is located at 57 km from Bastia, at 59 km from Corte and at 65 km from Aléria. This village is crossed by the D46 road.