U Pinzu
20117 Ocana
GPS : 41.960740, 8.927554

Difficulty: easy
Type: loop hike
Duration: 2 h and 15 min
Difference in height: + 300 m / - 300 m
Length: 4,1 km

This panoramic walk is quite pleasant and suitable for families with children. The view is best in the afternoon, but you should not set off during the hottest hours of the day (between 12:00 and 15:00).
After this walk, you should take a look at the small treasures of the village of Ocana: the chapel of St Anthony, the old oil mill, the granite statue of St Peter, the four village fountains and the church of St Michael.

Road access
From Ajaccio you must take the road N196 and drive until the village of Bastelicaccia following the road signs. After reaching this village, you must continue driving towards Ocana for about fifteen kilometres. From Ocana, keep driving until you reach the car park – which is located next to a large rock, after the war memorial.

After parking your car, walk down towards the war memorial until you take the road on your right towards the gite. Keep walking until you reach the church of St Michael (to the right of this church you can see a kind of cave built in thanksgiving to Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes for protecting the village during the rockslide of 1944).

Behind the church there is a barrier that you can open to reach the tarmac road which climbs on your right. After 500 metres you will find a viewpoint from which you can admire part of the Gulf of Ajaccio. After having had a look at the panorama, you must take the small path marked with a red arrow and continue climbing through the Corsican scrub. The path is well marked: do not hesitate to follow the markers which are very reliable.

After a rather steep ascent, you will reach the pass of Pianu Supranu, where you can catch your breath. The path continues to your right – pay attention because the Corsican scrub tends to encroach on the path. At the next junction, you must take a path which descends and leads you to a hill with no vegetation. After a short break, you must take a small path on your right. From the summit of U Pinzu (710 metres above sea level), the view is incredible: you can admire the village of Ocana, the Gulf of Ajaccio and the magnificent mountains in front of you.

To return to the starting point, you must take the path which descends until you reach some chestnut trees in a small valley. You must go beyond two small water collection systems.
Pay attention when you pass the second system: you must take the path which descends towards the wood and not the one which starts on your left and which climbs gently. You must continue walking until you reach a road which you must cross to take the path in front of you – this path is bordered by old dry-stone walls which in the past marked the boundaries of the Ocana gardens. Keep walking for few minutes until you reach a road that takes you to the centre of the village.


U Pinzu

20117 Ocana