Tour du Monte Cinto 1 (Calvi - Porto) à vélo

Access map

20260 Calvi
GPS : 42.549662,8.785332

Difficulty : Difficult - slope 9%

Type leg 1/4

Duration 4h00 Length 70 km

Height1590 m

Start Calvi GPS Start 42.549662, 8.785332

Starting from Calvi, this first step of the itinerary is very beautiful. This is the first part of these 4 steps, and it starts on the seaside. The Monte Cinto is the highest peak of Corsica, and visiting it is an incredible experience.
From Calvi, take the following directions

⦁Aéroport Calvi - Sainte Catherine

⦁Galéria - Porto


⦁Col de Palmarella - Porto

⦁Ajaccio - Carghjese

⦁Arrival in Porto



Tour du Monte Cinto 1 (Calvi - Porto) à vélo

20260 Calvi