Tour de Monte Albano

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20218 Prato di Giovellina
GPS : 42.421315,9.176763

The Genoese tower of Monte Albano, now in ruins, is located, as its name indicates, on Monte Albano (483 m), 3 km southeast of Castello di Serravalle.
It was built by the Genoese when they conquered the area.
This is one of the few towers that you will see inland, since they were usually built on the coast.

This tower, together with those of Caporalino, Omessa, and Castello di Serravalle, formed the defensive network of the interior of the island (Caccia, Giovellina, Rostino, Vallerustie and Talcini piers), of which Corte is the main town. Moreover, from the tower of Monte Albano, you can see the tower of Caporalino, a square tower in ruins on the heights of Caporalino (Omessa), the Turon (Tourrone) d'Omessa, as well as the castello di Serravalle.

In 2013, the tower was restored.

It served as stage during the battles for the TV movie "Colomba".