20167 Tavaco
GPS : 42.037222, 8.898611

Tavaco is located at an altitude of 450 metres and is part of the ancient parish of Mezzana. It is a mid-mountain village, dominated by Punta Sant'Eliseo (1271 m) and Monte Rossu (867 m). It is an excellent starting point for many hikes: a well-maintained hiking path connects Tavaco with Sari d'Orcino. Several hiking paths allow to reach Punta Sant'Eliseo. Be careful because most of these hiking paths are crossed by hunters!
This village is made up of several hamlets, the most important of which are Casacce, Minutella and Vignola. The main watercourses are the river of Gravona and the streams A Liscia and Valdu. 

In the past this village was destroyed several times by the Moors and by the Genoese, but the inhabitants have always defended themselves bravely: on the main façade of the parish church you can see an engraved anchor to commemorate a victory against the Moors.

Art lovers can visit the parish church of St Martin (16th century), which was built on the place where the inhabitants of the old parish won a battle against the Moors: that is why this church was dedicated to Our Lady of Victory. The bell tower of this church has two bells dating back to 1927. These bells are still rung by hand even if an electric mechanism has already been installed.
In this village you can find several fountains, some bread ovens and chestnut dryers.

Tavaco is located at 27 km from Ajaccio, at 58 km from Cargèse and at 63 km from Corte. This village is crossed by the D129 road.