Stèle de Sampiero Corso
20117 Eccica-Suarella
GPS : 41.932055, 8.914240

Difficulty: very easy
Type: round trip
Duration: 45 min
Difference in height: + 50 m / -50 m
Length: 1,5 km

Attention: no water points available. Go back along the same itinerary.

This short walk will allow you to discover the history of Sampiero Corso (1498-1567) –  who is considered the most important representative of Corsican nationalism – through a pleasant and rather shady walk. This walk is suitable for families with children because it is very easy, the path is well maintained and the height difference is almost non-existent.
Do not hesitate to visit the village of Eccica-Suarella and in particular the church of St Thomas (built in the 16th century and renovated at the time of Emperor Napoleon III) and the old village tower (which was used to sound the alarm in case of invasion).

Road access
From Ajaccio you must take the road N196 and continue towards Sartène for about twenty kilometres. Before the village of Cauro you will come to a roundabout where you should turn left towards the village of Eccica-Suarella. Keep driving until you pass the village hall and follow the road signs to the hamlet of Eccica. You can park next to a small square with a fountain.

Look for a gate surmounted by two stone lions; this is where the path begins. After a few minutes, you must turn right near several vegetable gardens. After about 250 metres, you must cross the small stream by means of a small wooden bridge. Keep following the path and turn right to descend gradually. At a certain point you will find a junction: you must turn left and walk along a stone wall. After about 200 metres of walking, there is a small river which you can walk along until you reach the stele of Sampiero Corso.


Stèle de Sampiero Corso

20117 Eccica-Suarella