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20125 Soccia
GPS : 42.190718, 8.913313

The village of Soccia is located in the canton of Deux-Sorru at 747 meters above sea level. Rising like an amphitheater on an edge at the foot of a rocky mountain, its territory is integrated into the Regional Natural Park of South Corsica.

This municipality, which as of 2017 had 146 inhabitants, covers an area of 28.27 km2 and has large areas of mountain pastures which are adjacent to the Niolu region.

In this edge-of-the-world landscape near Lake Izola, on the passage of the GR 20, Soccia unfolds its architecture with its facades, its porches, its old ovens and lintels.

Soccia is known for the various activities it offers, such as wild canyoning in the Zoicu, and the beautiful hike to Lake Creno, a basin surrounded by Corsican pines.