Site archéologique I Casteddi
20163 Tavera
GPS : 42.072920, 8.992001

Difficulty: round-trip
Type: trip
Duration: 1 h
Difference in height: +95 m / - 95 m
Length: 2,1 km

Attention: no water points available. Go back along the same itinerary.

This walk will allow you to discover the archaeological site of I Casteddi, made up of a menhir-statue dating from the 2nd millennium B.C. and the ruins of a defensive structure known as castellu dating from the late Middle Ages. This menhir-statue was discovered in 1961 and is one of the most beautiful menhir-statues on the island. The researchers wonder why our ancestors chose to place this statue in this spot: it is very likely that the strategic importance of the site – which is located between the plain and the mountains – played a very important role in this choice.
After this little walk, you can take a look at the cultural and architectural heritage of the village of Tavera like the parish church of St Mary, the war memorial and the ruins of the chapel of St Paul.

Road access
From Ajaccio you must take the road towards Bastia. At the last roundabout on the N193, you must continue driving in the direction of Bastia. After about twenty kilometres and after passing the Ucciani crossroads, you can park on the side of the national road – pay attention not to obstruct the road traffic.

After parking your car on the side of the national road, you must climb over the brickwork thanks to the wooden steps. The path is shady, very easy and well-marked: it is a short walk suitable for families with children. After crossing a small wooden bridge, you must walk along a small stream that you must cross a little further on. The menhir statue – which is about 2.42 metres high – stands behind a ruined house.

To reach the ruins of the castellu, you must climb a little more until you reach a small pass. From this pass you must take a path which starts on your right: the climb is a bit steep, but not very long and allows you to reach the ruins of the castellu. From here you have a magnificent view over the Gravona valley.


Site archéologique I Casteddi

20163 Tavera