20233 Sisco
GPS : 42.816944,9.436667

Sisco is located at 235 metres above sea level and is part of the ancient parish of Brando, on the peninsula of Cap Corse. The village is made up of nineteen hamlets and fourteen localities, each of which has a small chapel or oratory.
Several peaks can be reached from Sisco, the most important of which are Bocca di San Giovanni (950 m), Monte Cagnolu (1017 m), Monte Corvu (1143 m), Monte di a Cibiola (1196 m), Rocher de Pruberzulu (1236 m), Cima di Monte Prato (1282 m) and Cima di e Follice (1322). The vegetation of this village is composed of Corsican scrub: be careful because the paths are often invaded by vegetation.
If you like the beach, then you can spend some time at the marina of Sisco, which has a small beach made up of a mix of fine and coarse golden sand, gravel and pebbles.

This village is part of two natural areas of ecological, faunal and floristic interest: Chênaies vertes du Cap Corse and Crêtes asylvatiques du Cap Corse.

The third and fourth stages of the pedestrian path Sentier des Crêtes du massif de la Serra cross the village: please be careful because this excursion circuit is recommended for experienced hikers because of the considerable height differences.

Art lovers can visit the parish church of St Martin (13th century), which was enlarged in the 16th century and which contains some relics from the old convent of St Catalina. This church is part of the General inventory of cultural heritage and contains ten works classified historical monument. There are many chapels in this village, but the most important is the chapel of St Michel (11th century), which is still in excellent condition.
Furthermore, you can run into some Genoese towers – built by the Republic of Genoa to watch over the coast from possible invasions – and into some Pisan towers – built to protect the lord of the village and his family.

Sisco is located at 20 km from Bastia, at 88 km from Corte and at 92 km from Aléria. This village is crossed by the D32 road.