Sentier du Patrimoine à Serra-di-Scopamène

Access map

20127 Serra-di-Scopamène
GPS : 41.753908,9.096883

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Loop
Duration: 0h50
Length: 1.5km
Start: Serra-di-Scopamène
GPS: 41.753908,9.096883

A typical medium-sized mountain village, Serra-di-Scopamène proposes a "heritage trail", perfectly marked with explanatory panels that will allow you to discover all the charms of rural and traditional life. This trail will lead you to the discovery of the "chestnut civilization" period that characterized the island from the Middle Ages.
The creation of this path allowed the rehabilitation of several elements of the town heritage: the mill, the fountain and the washing place, but also many walkways and "calades" throughout the path.

Access by car
Go to the village of Serra di Scopamène. The departure is at the south-west exit of the village.

It is a loop circuit whose starting point is located 200m from the Place du Monument aux Morts. This trail begins with a beautiful descent before arriving under the district of Vangonu (the valley). This was the heart of a resource which was essential to the population of this mountain village: chestnuts.
All you need to do is follow the points of interest
The chestnut drier (u Siccatoghju), the mill (u Fragnu). Then take the direction of the washing place (u Lavatoghju) and finish with the chestnut grove (u Castagnetu). Returning to the village, stop at Funtana Maiori before discovering a district whose architecture was preserved.


Sentier du Patrimoine à Serra-di-Scopamène

20127 Serra-di-Scopamène