Sentier de Ucciani à Tavera
20133 Ucciani à Tavera
GPS : 42.043046, 8.976681

Difficulty: easy
Type: one-way
Duration: 2 h
Difference in height: +230 m / - 160 m
Length: 4,5 km

This path will allow you to discover the cultural, architectural and natural heritage of the villages of Alta Gravona. You should visit the village of Ucciani and the village of Tavera. In Ucciani, you could take a look at the parish church of St Anthony of Apamea (which is separated by its bell tower), the chapel of St Mary and the chapel of St Anthony of Padua. You could try to find where the stones with the sun symbols and the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel are hidden. In Tavera you can visit the parish church of St Mary and the ruins of the chapel of St Polu. If you are not too tired, you can also visit the archaeological site I Casteddi.

Road access
From Ajaccio, you must take the road towards Bastia. After about twenty kilometres, take the fork for Ucciani. After two kilometres, you must leave the D29 and take the D227. You can park near the fountain of Ucciani. The two villages can be reached by train: the station of Ucciani is located at 850 metres from the beginning of the hike and the station of Tavera is located at 550 metres from the parish church of the village.

After parking your car near the fountain of Ucciani, you must follow the indications for Tavera and walk for seven hundred metres on the RD127. Then you must take a track on your left, which you must leave to take a path which starts on your right. Keep walking alongside the dry-stone walls until you reach a wooden footbridge. You must continue walking straight ahead, close to the departmental road. After reaching the chapel of St Anthony, keep walking until you reach a stream that you must cross. You must continue walking until you reach road D227. Do not hesitate to cross the barrier on the other side of the road and walk along the stream until the path branches off to the left. After a while, you will reach the sheepfold of Tuschini. Here you can take a short break and catch your breath: after the sheepfold the path climbs rather steeply until it reaches a hill (635 metres above sea level) where you will find a wooden picnic table.
Then the path begins to descend and soon you must cross a track – take the path which descends to your right after this track. Keep descending until you reach the road D227. You must continue walking until you reach your destination: the church of Tavera!


Sentier de Ucciani à Tavera

20133 Ucciani à Tavera