Sentier Côtier de la Pointe des Bruzzi

Access map

20131 Pianottoli-Caldarello
GPS : 41.471555,9.030769
Difficulty Easy
Type Loop
Duration 1h40
Length 4.91 km
Difference in heigh 98 m
Start Pianottoli-Caldarello
GPS 41.471555, 9.030769

At its highest points, this loop offers a wonderful view on the sea. This space reminds of the Lavezzi Islands, but is wilder, because it is much less crowded.

From Pianottoli, go toward Caldarello and turn right before arriving in the village to towards the campsites. The first road on the right leads along the Chevanu Bay to a housing estate at its western end. Leave the vehicle in the parking lot. The Bruzzi Trail starts on the right side of the road before arriving at the housing estate.

From the car park follow the sign "sentier des Bruzzi". You will walk under a high thicket, consisting of typical plants of this location. The path leads to an old track. Further away, you can admire the landscape on the Bruzzi peak and islands.
Continue on the trail, then follow the signs. After a kilometer or so, the path forks to the left, towards the sea, following a stone wall.
You will discover the cove of Arbitru and the first beach. Continue along the coast following the cairns. Slowly come back to the Bruzzi peak. You'll reach the coral beach. A sign will guide you to the last beach.


Sentier Côtier de la Pointe des Bruzzi

20131 Pianottoli-Caldarello