Sentier Carbuccia - Ucciani
20133 Carbuccia
GPS : 42.040865, 8.953289

Difficulty: easy
Type: outward journey
Duration: 1h
Difference in height: + 30 m / - 140 m
Length: 3,6 km

The villages of Upper Gravona want to make their architectural and natural heritage known. That is why the old transhumance paths – which still connect the villages of the region and which in the past were used by farmers and breeders – are well maintained to the delight of those who want to discover the island of beauty.
This path will allow you to discover the architectural and natural heritage of Carbuccia and Ucciani. In Carbuccia you should take a look at the church of St James (where you will find the oldest bell in Gravona and the processional statue of St James) and the chapel of St Anne. In Ucciani you can visit the church of St Anthony and the village bridge. You can also try to find where the stones with the sun symbols and the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel are hidden.

Road access
From Ajaccio, you must take the road N193 and at the last roundabout you must continue towards Bastia. After about ten kilometres, you should take the junction for Carbuccia and continue driving on the D129 for eight kilometres until you reach the village and the village hall.
The Ajaccio-Bastia train stops 15 minutes from the centre of Ucciani.

After parking at the village hall, you must walk towards the village and, after a hundred metres, you should take the road which goes down to your left and which passes in front of the church of St James. After the first bend, you must continue walking for fifty metres and then you must take the stairs on your right to reach the start of the path linking Carbuccia and Ucciani. This path is well maintained and well signposted: the walk is quite easy, but you must have a good supply of water and a good pair of shoes.

After a short walk, you will pass by the chapel of St Anne, which was the old village church. The path continues: you must open the two barriers in front of you and cross the two streams which meet your path. After crossing the second stream, follow a concrete track until you reach the D129 road. Following this road, you will reach the hamlet of Crucoli and the entrance of the village of Ucciani in less than 500 metres.


Sentier Carbuccia - Ucciani

20133 Carbuccia