à 15 mns au sud de Corte
20250 Santo-Pietro-di-Venaco
GPS : 42.254657, 9.170084

Santo-Pietro di Venaco is a small green and wooded mountain town, located at an average altitude of 850 meters, with about 277 inhabitants called the "Sampetracci".

The village belongs to the old Venaco pieve and is built on the side of Monte Cardo (2,453 meters). This municipality covers an area of 7.96 km2. Nearby municipalities are Riventosa, Casanova, and Poggio di Venaco.

The authenticity and beauty of the local and natural heritage of this village make it an exceptional place, with its old oven, fountains, squares, the Parish Church of Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul built on the walls of an old Romanesque chapel, and its landscapes of lush green vegetation.