20221 Sant'Andréa-di-Cotone
GPS : 42.314167,9.48

Sant'Andréa-di-Cotone is located at 420 metres above sea level and is part of the ancient parish of Campoloro. It lies on the edge of the regional natural park of Corsica and to the south-east of the region of Castagniccia. Sant'Andréa-di-Cotone offers a breathtaking panoramic view over the plain of Moriani and over the Italian islands of Elba, of Montecristo and of Pianosa. The main watercourses in the village are the streams of Alesani, of Brisco, of Nebbio and of Suliciani.

This village is made up of three hamlets: Chigliacci, Cotone and Ciglio – which was the crossroads between the parish of Alesani, the parish of Campolori and the parish of Tavagna. From Ciglio, you can discover the mountains surrounding Sant'Andréa-di-Cotone, such as Punta di Travu (876 m) and Monte Cime Tonde (1103 m).

Art lovers can visit the parish church of St André and its cemetery (17th century). This church contains several works of artistic interest, including the sacristy, the reliquary of the patron saint and several paintings. You should also visit the hamlet of Chigliacci, whose houses bear witness to an era of wealth during which fruit trees, gardens and mills represented the prosperity of Sant'Andréa-di-Cotone. From Ciglio you can reach the prehistoric site of Santa Maria A Vecchia, at the centre of which you can run into the remains of a Romanesque chapel.

This village is located at 33 km from Aléria, at 49 km from Bastia and at 77 km from Corte. Sant'Andréa-di-Cotone is crossed by the D330 road and by the D334 one.