à 40 mns à l'est de Propriano
20170 San Gavino di Carbini
GPS : 41.721295, 9.149474

The municipality of San Gavino di Garbini is located in the region of L'Alta Rocca. Its territory of 47.88 km2 extends from the plain to the mountains and was once a place of transhumance.

The mountain includes, in addition to the main town in the area (San Gavino), the hamlets of Varadicciu, Giddu and Sapara Maio, in a forest environment of holm oaks and chestnut trees. In the plain, we find the hamlets of Gjadda, Araghju, Fossi and Ribba. Scattered on a vast wooded hill, the village of San Gavino di Carbini contains old granite houses from the 17th century. The menhir and the rock shelter of Paccionitoli bear witness to the town's important prehistoric past.