20213 San-Gavino-d'Ampugnani
GPS : 42.413056,9.423333

San-Gavino-d'Ampugnani is located at an altitude of 470 metres and is part of the ancient parish of Ampugnani, in the region of Castagniccia. This village, which is part of the regional natural park of Corsica, is surrounded by medium-sized mountains and it is an excellent starting point for many excursions.
San-Gavino-d'Ampugnani has a rich vegetation, like all the other villages which are part of the region of Castagniccia. This region was already known in Roman times and played an important role in the history of the island, of which it was considered the granary.

This village is made up of five hamlets: Casanova, E Caldana, Nepita, Penta lu Trave and Poghju. San-Gavino-d'Ampugnani, Scata, San Damiano and Pruno form the micro-region of Castel d'Acqua which is plenty of water sources.

In San Gavino-d'Ampugnani there are several palazzi –fortified houses from which it was possible to look out for invaders. Art lovers can visit the parish church of the Annunciation, which contains many objects of historical and artistic interest, and the church of St Gavino of Casano, which stands alone in the middle of the hills. The village is close to many tourist attractions, such as the ancient thermal baths of Orezza and La Porta, the historical capital of Castagniccia.

This village is located at 43 km from Bastia, at 51 km from Aléria and at 67 km from Corte. San-Gavino-d'Ampugnani is crossed by the D236 road.