Sainte Restitude

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Sainte Restitude,
Place de l'église
20214 Calenzana
GPS : 42.508611,8.855833
The Church of Santa Restituta, built in the 11th and 12th centuries and rebuilt in the 18th century, houses the relics of Saint Restitude. This holy martyr of the first centuries was declared patroness of the Balagne by decision of John Paul II in 1984. Under the Saint Blaise church, located in the city center, is the burial place of 500 German mercenaries, as you can read on a commemorative plaque. Recruited by the Genoese to help defend Corsica, they were killed in 1732 by the Corsican patriots during the battle. When the mercenaries entered Calenzana, the population was waiting for them and threw beehives on them from the windows above. The German soldiers, after being repeatedly stung, are said to have gathered in the church square, where they were shot. A commemorative plaque recalling these facts is affixed to the bottom of the recently restored bell tower of the Saint-Blaise church, on the village square. Apparently, there were 200 dead and injured.