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20121 Rosazia
GPS : 42.128181, 8.874556

Perched at an altitude of 650 meters at the foot of the magnificent Libbiu forest, Rosazia has nearly 49 inhabitants for an area of 19.72 km2. The main rivers that cross the town are the U Liamone river, the U Cruzini river, and the Alena stream.
Located in the old Cruzini pieve, the village of Rosazia is tucked in the valley of the mountain and is surrounded by conifers, which form a green landscape.

This village suffered from the Genoese repression against the Da Leca noble family. Several archaeological sites can be seen, such as the Castellucciu site (a small fortified dwelling from the Bronze Age). The old church of Rosazia is an unfinished monument, dating back to 1897.