20250 Riventosa
GPS : 42.251844,9.181131

Riventosa is located at an altitude of 720 metres and is part of the ancient parish of Venaco in Upper Corsica. In Corsican riva ventosa means a bank exposed to the wind. This village is surrounded by medium-sized mountains, an excellent starting point for many hikes: in fact, the Mare a Mare Nord Variante crosses the village of Riventosa.

This village is part of the Corsican regional nature park – where you can find species such as Corsican nuthatch, Corsican mouflon, Corsican trout and discoglossus. The Tavignano river, the longest in Corsica after the Golo, flows through Riventosa and is fed by several small streams: Javinelle, Morta and Piubette.

The Casa Pastureccia agency and the A Muntagnera association (fédération des territoires et des massifs d'estives de Corse), which have the mission of promoting the mountain sheepfolds of the region of Vénacais, are located in Riventosa.

The village is under the supervision of the Architect of French buildings. The houses in Riventosa have an old-world charm and the village is characterised by a peaceful atmosphere. You should visit the parish church of St Anthony the Hermit (18th century), which is located in the heart of the village, next to the town hall. This church was built during the Genoese occupation, but its bell tower was built in 1889.

Riventosa is crossed by the D141 road, which ends in a cul-de-sac. This village is located at 9 km from Corte, at 61 km from Bastia and at 72 km from Ajaccio.