Access map

GPS : 42.090261,9.068270

Crossing the Gravona river, you reach the Richjusa Gorge by small paths in the thicket. You can take two bathing paths: an easy walk of about twenty minutes up the stream to the gorge, or a more difficult walk (climb) of about thirty minutes crossing the bridge. This path is marked by blue dots and leads to a plateau with a beautiful view over the Gravona valley. At the bifurcation in the road, turn to your left and you'll reach a sheepfold on the creek bed. Warning: canyoning is forbidden in this upper part of the stream.

From the car park, go down the Gravona river and cross it. On the other side, several small paths lead through the thicket to the new wooden bridge. There, the path divides into 2. One at the bottom and the other at the top. For those who don't want to walk uphill, simply follow the stream bed to the entrance of the Richjusa Gorge.

Upper part itinerary (count 20 more minutes)
For those who seek a little peace and love fresh water, follow the path by the bridge and on the other side in many bends uphill. The path is sometimes marked with blue and/or orange dots.
After almost half an hour's walk, you'll reach a small plateau, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the valley. Here, the road forks: take the left path. After a while, we'll reach a small sheepfold after which we'll find the bed of the stream. Follow the stream looking for a nice little place for swimming.