Punta San Martino
20117 Eccica-Suarella
GPS : 41.926686, 8.933339

Difficulty: moderate
Type: loop hike
Duration: 2 h and 45 min
Difference in height: + 380 m / - 380 m
Length: 6,6 km

Attention: no water points available.

This hike will allow you to reach Punta San Martino and discover the natural and architectural heritage of the island of beauty. The main difficulty of this hike is represented by the Mediterranean scrub which tends to invade the path.
Do not hesitate to visit the village of Eccica-Suarella and in particular the church of St Thomas (built in the 16th century and renovated at the time of Emperor Napoleon III) and the old village tower (which was used to sound the alarm in case of invasion).

Road access
From Ajaccio you must take the road N196 and continue towards Sartène for about twenty kilometres. Before the village of Cauro you will come to a roundabout where you should turn left towards the village of Eccica-Suarella. Keep driving until you pass the village hall and follow the road signs to the hamlet of Eccica. You can park next to a small square with a fountain.

The water of the small fountain is not drinkable, so you must have a good supply of water with you before setting off. After parking, you must reach the square and take the path on your left, this path passes near several meadows and some stone walls which are in good condition. You must follow the path until it turns sharply: be careful and keep climbing by turning right. Keep walking until you see a fence which you can climb over thanks to a wooden ladder.

The path descends gradually until it reaches a small stream which you must cross. After fording the stream, you must climb up through the undergrowth - do not take the path that goes straight ahead. The path runs for about 30 minutes until you reach Bocca di Strimella, at an altitude of almost 400 metres. You should stop for a moment and enjoy the view of the village of Eccica-Suarella and of the gulf of Ajaccio.

After this short break, you must continue your walk by taking the path on your right. After 30 minutes of walking, you will come across a path which descends right in front of you and which you must not take: you must turn right and continue climbing. After twenty more minutes of walking, you must bypass a rock on your left and continue walk until you reach your destination at an altitude of 500 metres.

To return to the starting point you must take the path on your right which descends quite rapidly until you reach Bocca di Strimella – after, the return journey is the same as the outward journey.


Punta San Martino

20117 Eccica-Suarella