Prunelli di Fiumorbo
à 40 mns au sud-ouest d'Aléria
20243 Prunelli di Fiumorbo
GPS : 42.009996, 9.324368

The municipality of Prunelli di Fiumorbo, which has about 3,660 inhabitants (as of 2017), is located in the department of Haute-Corse, south of the Eastern plain, on the right bank of the Fiumorbo river. It belongs to the old pieve of Cursa, and its territory covers an area of 37.41 km2, from the mountain to the sea.

The town is made up of several hamlets, like Migliacciaro, Abbazzia or Agnatello.
Prunelli di Fiumorbo is a preserved village located on a hill at 583 meters above sea level, on a promontory overlooking the plain, with a panoramic view of the "Fium'Orbu", in Corsican, a coastal river which flows into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Prunelli di Fiumorbo is also a seaside resort thanks to its greatest asset, the beach of Calzarellu, located very close to a small pond, where you can enjoy several activities.