Promenade à Notre Dame de la Serra

Access map

20260 Calvi
GPS : 42.553218,8.737128

Difficulty: Easy
Type: Return trip
Duration: 1h30
Height: 210 m
Start: Calvi
GPS: 42.553218, 8.737128

At the southern exit of Calvi, a road leads directly to the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Serra, located on a rocky promontory. From there, you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama on Calvi and the peninsula of Revellata. You can access it on foot or by car.

Access by car (10 mn)
Take the road to Galeria / Porto / Ajaccio by the coast (D81); at about 3 km, arriving at the junction, take the left uphill at the sign Notre Dame de la Serra.

From the city center, take the Santore road and go straight. Go to Hôtel La Villa. Sometimes, the chapel is closed to the public for lack of surveillance, but you will be able to enter the enclosure and admire the panorama on the town of Calvi, its citadel and its gulf...

Did you know?
The legend says that if you take the love of your life to this place, your relationship is meant to be successful and long-lasting...


Promenade à Notre Dame de la Serra

20260 Calvi