20229 Polveroso
GPS : 42.401400,9.364583

Polveroso is located at an altitude of 590 metres and belongs to the ancient parish of Ampugnani, in Castagniccia. It is a mid-mountain village, rich in chestnut trees. This village has a rich vegetation: cyclamens, violets, broom, flowering heather, hellebores, lilies and many other species. In the past, it was a village of craftsmen who produced the chestnut baskets typical of the region: the "sportelli". These baskets had an oval shape and were very solid, they were thought to allow the gatherers to lean on them to make the chestnut harvest less tiring.

Nicolas Giudici (1949-2001) was born in this village. He was a journalist and a writer who published Le Crépuscule des Corses, Le problème Corse and La philosophie du Mont Blanc. He denounced the Corsican criminal organisations, risking his life to defend his ideas.

This village is part of the “villages fleuries de Corse”, thanks to the efforts of its inhabitants who want to make their village more beautiful.
Art lovers can visit the church of Sainte-Marie (17th century), which has been renovated several times. It is a beautiful stone building whose renovations have preserved its original colours. This church has many remarkable paintings and many religious objects. If you like walking, you can run into the chapel of Saint Christophe (15th century), which is surrounded by a green esplanade. This chapel is at the crossroads of several hiking trails.

Polveroso is located at 50 km from Corte and at 55 km from Bastia. This village is crossed by the D346 road.