20240 Poggio-di-Nazza
GPS : 42.056779,9.295028

Poggio-di-Nazza is located at an altitude of 475 metres and is part of the ancient parish of Castello. This village is located in the northern part of the micro-region of Fiumorbo. It is a mid-mountain village, whose highest peak is at 1720 metres, not too far from Punta di Taoria. It is an excellent starting point for many excursions, from Poggio-di-Nazza you can reach Punta d'Uccellu (1055 m), Punta Bronco (1617 m), Punta Ciccia (1683 m) and, of course, Punta di Taoria (1720 m). The main watercourses of the village are the stream of Ajola, the stream of Conca and the stream of Pettinelli.
The upper part of Poggio-di-Nazza, including the village, is part of the regional natural park of Corsica.

Poggio-di-Nazza is home to the famous Trou du diable, a small but a charming and spectacular bathing spot: here – where the stream of Varagno flows into the Fium'Orbo – you can dive from a height of seven or eight metres. Pay attention: in case of heavy rain, the upper pot can become a death trap!
Just a few hundred metres below the Trou du diable, there is another incredibly deep bathing spot. To reach this bathing spot, you do not have to follow the course of the river, but you should take a barely visible steep path around the hill, on the left side of the river.

This village is well maintained, there are many bread ovens, public washhouses and fountains which have recently been restored.
Art lovers can visit the parish church of St Pierre and St André, which is located in the centre of the village and which was decorated by a local artist. Inside the church, there is a 12th-century Crucifix of St Damian. You should also visit the chapel of St Antoine, which is located in the middle of a forest at three kilometres from the village, where the villagers go in procession every 13th June.

Poggio-di-Nazza is located at 30 km from Aléria, at 58 km from Corte and at 71 km from Porto-Vecchio. This village is crossed by the D44 road.