à 45 mns au nord de Propriano
20123 Pila-Canale
GPS : 41.811326, 8.911914

Pila-Canale is a municipality of 284 inhabitants (as of 2017), in the Canton of Santa-Maria-Siché. Its territory covers an area of 18.8 km2. It is halfway between Ajaccio and Propriano.

Located 400 meters above sea level, above the Taravo valley, this village built on a slope offers a beautiful view of the luxuriant valley. It is a typical big village, with houses with protruding stones, staircases and narrow alleys.

Pila and Canali are most certainly two medieval hamlets, part of the Urnanu pieve, which used to be the stronghold of the lords of Ornano.

The village has a rich past: near the cemetery, at the entrance of the village, stand a menhir and a restored menhir statue. The Saint-Pancrace church in Pila-Canale abounds with objects and paintings of historical value.