20246 Piève
GPS : 42.580175,9.286835

Piève is located at 450 metres above sea level and is part of the ancient parish of San Quilico, in the natural region of Nebbio. This village has no coastline but is not far from Bastia and from Saint-Florent, that is why Piève represents an ideal location to discover the natural and cultural heritage of Corsica.
The main waterways are the Aliso, the Bevinco, the Forca and the Merla.

This village is part of two natural areas of ecological, faunistic and floristic interest of second generation: rêtes Mont-Asto Mont Saint-Angelo and Grottes de Saint-Florent et Castiglioni 3 et vallée de l’Aliso.

We know that this territory has been inhabited for a long time: in fact, archaeologists have discovered three menhir statues dating from 1400-1300 BC. These statues, which today stand in front of the parish church of St Cyr, are surnamed Bucentaure, Murello and Murtola.

Art lovers can visit the parish church of St Cyr and St Juliet (19th century), which is built on the foundations of an old medieval church. This church has a four-storey high bell tower dating back to the 19thcentury. You should also take a look at the vestiges of the chapel of St Nicholas (13th century), which is built on the foundations of an old sanctuary dating back to the 6th century. This chapel is better known as the "Chiesa Negra" because of the materials used for its construction: the black serpentine, a local stone.
During your walk you can also run into some fountains, into several bread ovens and into the communal washhouse known as Funtana Vechja.

Piève is located at 17 km from Saint-Florent, at 28 km from Bastia and at 75,5 km from Corte. This village is crossed by the D62 road.