à 50 mns au sud de Corte
20242 Pietroso
GPS : 42.156800, 9.271187

The municipality of Pietroso, located at 637 meters above sea level, is one of the seven municipalities in the Canton of Vezzani and its territory covers an area of 25.76 km2.

Pietroso belongs to the old Castello pieve. This town is close to the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, about 7 km.

The town is made up of 5 hamlets: Agheri, Maison Pieraggi, Quinzena, Salastraco and Saparelle. Called "Piétrosais" and "Piétrosaises", the 258 inhabitants of the village (as of 2017) are mainly concentrated in the hamlet of Maison Pieraggi, located 15 minutes from Ghisonnaccia.

The village of Pietroso benefits from a Roman heritage, since it was the Romans who built a so-called "via" along the Tagnone connecting the town to the copper and iron mines of Vezzani. The heritage linked to water is considerable: you can see many fountains spread all over the village and across all the hamlets.