20251 Pietraserena
GPS : 42.235961,9.345537

Pietraserena is located at an altitude of 700 metres and is part of the old parish of Rogna, in Upper Corsica. This village is to the border of the Corsican regional natural park, but it is not part of it. Pietraserana is located a few kilometres north of the Tavignano and a few kilometres south of its tributary, the Corsiglièse stream.

A legend explains the origin of Pietraserena: the count Gaggio – who lived in the 15th century – was in love with a girl called “Serena”, who took refuge in a cave inside a rock called “Pietra” to avoid a vendetta. The count was able to find the woman and, to protect her, he decided to grant his protection to the people who wanted to live around this rock.

This village is part of a second-generation natural area of ecological, faunal and floristic interest: Châtaigneraies et bois des versants sud et ouest du massif du San Petrone.

There is only one place of worship in Pietraserena: the parish church of San Roccu (17th century) built in Baroque style. This church is classified historical monument and was renovated in the 19th and in the 20th century. In the heart of the village, there is the funtana vechja, a fountain which was used by the inhabitants to obtain drinking water and which was also used as public washhouse.

Pietraserena is located at 26 km from Aléria, at 31 km from Corte and at 94 km from Bastia. This village is crossed by the D14 road.