à 15 mns au nord-est de Saint-Florent
20253 Patrimonio
GPS : 42.696771, 9.361675

5 km from Saint-Florent towards Cap Corse, the peaceful village of Patrimonio is steeped in vine cultivation. Famous for its wines since antiquity and appreciated all over the world, Patrimonio is a wine-growing district of 600 Ha which has more than 32 domains in 7 municipalities. This region, where muscat is made, was the first to receive the controlled designation of origin (AOC, appelation d'origine contrôlée) in 1968 and also produces red, white and rosé wine. A lot of wine tasting awaits you!

The amphitheater hosts the Patrimonio Guitar Festival every summer, where the biggest names of the jazz, blues and rock scene meet.
This is where you can see the famous statue-menhir U Nativu, found in 1964 in a vineyard in Barbaggio by two farmers, brothers Antoine and Charles Gilormini de Patrimonio.