20112 Olmiccia
GPS : 41.693557, 9.058714

Olmiccia is located at an altitude of 400 metres and is part of the ancient parish of Tallano, in the natural region of Alta Rocca. From this village it is possible to organise several excursions: indeed, you could reach Punta di Piano Maio (692 m), Tiratoli (540 m), Punta di Suarella (482) and Punta di San Cassianu (323 m). The main watercourse in this village is the Fiumicellu river, which is a tributary of the Taravo and which has its source at 1350 metres.
This village is part of the Regional natural park of Corsica, where you can see the Corsican nuthatch, the Corsican mouflon, the Corsican trout and the discoglossus.

An old legend says that a fairy lived in Olmiccia, near the Rizzanese River. This fairy decided to get married to a man on condition that he should never have had to watch her shoulders. Unfortunately, the man succumbed to temptation and looked the fairy's shoulders. For this reason, the fairy abandoned him and put the ochju on him and on all his descendants.

Art lovers can visit the parish church of St Hippolytus and St Cassian (13th century), which was remodelled several times. This church has several side chapels and is flanked by a bell tower in excellent condition. In addition, this building contains eight works of art which are part of the General inventory of cultural heritage. In Supranu, you can also see the only still functioning oil mill of the region.

Olmiccia is located at 20 km from Sartène, at 49 km from Porto-Vecchio and at 87 km from Ajaccio. This village is crossed by the D268 road.