20117 Ocana

GPS : 41.960903, 8.934386

Ocana rises in bends to the Col de Mercujo (612 meters above sea level). From the pass, a path leads to the Belvedere, located in a wild rocky cirque where you can admire a breathtaking view of the Tolla Lake.

Located in the Prunelli valley, the village of Ocana harbors two treasures: an old community oil press and the chapel of St Antoine de Padoue.
The religious heritage of the village is also testified by the granite statue of St Pierre, its four fountains, the cave dedicated to "Notre Dame de Lourdes," the chapel of the Annunciation and the church of "St Michel Archange", dating back to the 17th century.

Ocana's agricultural vocation is characterized by the diversity and the high number of operators. (Sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, beekeeping, market gardening, aromatic and medicinal plant distillery, etc).