20226 Novella
GPS : 42.585837,9.115643

Novella is a village in the region of Upper Corsica, belonging to the old parish of Ostriconi, in the region of Balagne. The village is located at an altitude of 400 metres and its highest point is the Cima di l'Alturaia (820 m). It is a hilly and wooded area, particularly in spring. Unfortunately, Novella was recently devastated by several fires which destroyed all the olive trees and vegetation in the area. Today, new trees have been planted and the Corsican scrub is starting to flourish again.

The history of Novella is very interesting: today it is still possible to visit the ruins of the Castle of San Colombano di Giussani, the last residence of the Marquesses of Massa in Corsica. To the north of the village, you can visit the abandoned village of Cruschini, which saw its population disappear after a plague epidemic in the 16th century. The parish church of St Croce is said to have been the scene of a real miracle: the Virgin depicted in the painting The Holy Virgin and the Christ Child cried several times on particular occasions. Finally, you can also admire the house of the Orabona family, in the past an important family of landowners, which still dominates the village.

This village is crossed by the T 30 road and by the D 12 one. It is located at 50 km from Calvi, at 55 km from Bastia and at 28 km from Île-Rousse. It is a village rather isolated and for this reason Novella is not very frequented by tourists, even during the summer. If you are looking for peace and quiet, this is the place for you.