20219 Noceta
GPS : 42.198072,9.208931

Noceta is located at 520 metres above sea level and belongs to the old parish of Rogna. It is a mid-mountain village, located in the hinterland of the island and which is part of the Corsican regional natural park.
The vegetation of Noceta is very wooded: this village shares with Ghisoni, Rospigliani, Muracciole, Vezzani and Pietroso the Rospa-Sorba wood, which was property of the French crown and which is composed of larches, maritime pines and holm oaks. Not far from Noceta, you will find the Padula wood, which owes its name to the fountain located in the middle of the wood. It is here that every summer the association A Leva organises A Festa di a Furesta e di a Natura.

If you like excursions, you should know that Noceta is an excellent starting point for many walks. In fact, this village is part of the excursionist circuit of Mare a Mare Nord variante. Pay attention: during the summer do not forget to have a good supply of water.

The village is part of two second-generation natural areas of ecological, faunal and floristic interest: Forêt de Rospa-Sorba and Basse vallée du Tavignano.

Inside the village, you can visit the parish church of San Paolo (17th century), which was built on the foundations of another church of more ancient origin. In the centre of the village, you can see the Fornu di Nuceta, the only bread oven that is still standing. If you like history, you can visit the pagan cemetery which is located halfway between Grotella and Rospigliani.
In Noceta you will find one of Corsica's main archaeological mysteries, the octagonal tomb of Grotella. The origin of this tomb divides historians, who are not sure about its dating and provenance.

Noceta is located at 23 km from Corte and at 75 km from Bastia. This village is crossed by the D43 road.