Musée Mnémosina

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Au Bourg
20243 Prunelli di Fiumorbu
04 95 56 73 67
GPS : 42.011400,9.325300

Small private ethnographic establishment created by Dr. Timo Pieri and his sisters Daria and Niny, located next to the postal agency of the village of Prunelli-Di-Fiumorbu. Her name comes from the goddess of memory and mother of the Muses, Mnemosyne.
Archeology, popular arts and traditions, history of the Resistance, history of the post and communication, the museum Mnemosina will tell you the history of Fium'Orbu through time.
9 exhibition rooms present objects and documents around different themes (archeology, popular arts and traditions, resistance ...).
Two rooms are devoted to messaging, writing and the evolution of communication from antiquity to the present day.

Adult 2 €
Child 1 €
Group 1 € / pers (minimum 10 people, maximum 50 people)

The museum is currently closed due to construction work.