Musée de Préhistoire Corse et d'Archéologie
Musée de Préhistoire Corse et d'Archéologie
Boulevard Jacques Nicolaï
20100  Sartène
04 95 77 01 09
GPS : 41.620790,8.973753

Dolmens, menhirs, alignments and great architectural ensembles have attracted in Corsica for nearly two centuries of illustrious visitors following Prosper Mérimée. This museum gathers different contextualized vestiges from sites of the territory and underwater archeology. It allows to discover the evolutions of the first human occupations in Corsica of the Mesolithic, from the 9th millenium before our era, until the Middle Ages. It positions the history of Corsica, fourth island in the heart of the Mediterranean, in a context of exchanges. The visit of the museum turns out to be the essential complement to the discovery of the great megalithic sites of Corsica.
Created in 1969 and from excavations carried out all over the island, this museum allows to discover the evolutions of the first human occupations in Corsica since the end of the 9th millennium BC. Chronological and thematic order: Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age are illustrated by many objects, which testify to the transformation of the island society: ceramics, tools in bone and stone, metallurgy, ornaments ...
Located at the end of the route, the menhirs statue hall has a dual purpose: to present a number of these monoliths, which represent the most original and spectacular part of the prehistoric heritage of the island and thus save them from an inevitable degradation due to natural, climatic and thermal agents.

Free guided audio tours in French, German, English and Italian. Also available: audio tours described and in sign language (LSF)
June to September, every day, 10 to 18 hours. Closed July 14, August 15
October to May, Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday, holidays and special days.