Musée de l'Adecec
Place Jean Simonnetti
20221 Cervione
04 95 38 12 83
GPS : 42.331513, 9.491111

The Cervione Museum is located in the center of the village near Sant'Eramu Cathedral.
It has 14 permanent exhibition rooms in the former seminary of bishops of Aleria, open to the public every day (except Sundays and public holidays) from 09h to 12h and from 14h to 18h.
An ethnographic museum from a collection of objects organized from 1975.
The themes : hides and skins, fire, lighting, pharmacy, clothes, spinning and weaving, plows, shovels, locks, saddlery, shoemaking, pastoral life, saws, making candles , wire, asbestos pottery, screening, wine and brandy making, tools, blacksmithing, carpentry, printing ...

Archeology : the rooms of the first level present the collection of rocks of Corsica.
At this same level is also a presentation of the equipment for vine maintenance, vinification and distillation with stills and coils.
The forge workshop is located in two rooms, where the anvil, the bellows, tongs and pliers, and metal instruments are found.
The tools of the blacksmith, whose role was considerable, are presented in great detail.
At the last level, on the right, the printing press of the 173rd Infantry Regiment reconstituted with its Marinoni press.

Free visit Guided tour (10 people minimum)
Adult: 3 € Adult: 5 €
Child (+12 years old): 2 € Child (+12 years old): 4 €
Child (under 12 years old): free