à 1h20 au nord-est d'Ajaccio
20160 Murzo
GPS : 42.168924, 8.827714

At 320 meters above sea level , Murzo is a mid-mountain town, located in the micro-region of Cirnaca (former pieve of Corsica located in the southwest part of the island). This medieval village deserted by the Genoese in the 16th  century has now around 97 inhabitants, with an area of 21.44 km2.

Murzo's dwellings, most of them renovated, follow the D4 and D23 roads to the north of the village. They have exposed stone walls and red tiled roofs. It is in this small village of Murzo, inland in the canton of "Deux-Sorru", almost an hour northeast of Ajaccio, that each year "Honey day" takes place during the last weekend of September. "MELE IN FESTA" is an exhibition of Corsican honey (Registered Designation of Origin product) and derived products made by craftsmen.

A two-kilometer trail to the village of Murzo, in Deux-Sorru, offers a trail of botanical discovery. It begins at the Belfiori bridge along the Liamone river. The Maison du Miel de Murzo, or Casa di u mele in Corsican, is also a place where various activities, exhibitions and workshops based on honey are offered.